About UKMA

The UK Prominent Peaks project has been supported by the UK Metric Association which has kindly helped create the website and hosts it.

The UK Metric Association (UKMA) is an independent, non-party political, single issue organisation which advocates the full adoption of the international metric system (�Syst�me International� - SI) for all official, trade, legal, contractual and other purposes in the United Kingdom as soon as practicable. It also campaigns for better consumer protection through accurate and consistent use of metric units of measurement in order to achieve price transparency.

Today the UK faces a measurement unit mess. For example, maps are generally surveyed and printed using metric units, but official traffic signs forbid the use of metric units. UKMA believes that it is absurd � and dangerous � to use one system of measurement for maps and another for signage. Confusion on measurement undermines proficiency in map usage and numeracy. For more on why the current situation is not helpful for walkers please see the UKMA web pages on walking and cycling.