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Acknowledgements & Credits

The most important contribution to any hill list is the mapping on which it is based. In the UK this is the result of the work of The Ordnance Survey and The Land and Property Services Northern Ireland (which in 2008 subsumed the former Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland).

The study of the maps follows. Frequently it is necessary to examine mapping at a 1:10 000 scale, to determine if any spot heights are indeed at the ‘key col’ and ‘summit’ positions. Where no precise heights are given, the site may need to be visited, altimeter readings taken and the hill’s prominence estimated. The authors are indebted to Clem Clements, Alan Dawson, Michael Dewey, James Gordon, Tony Payne, Myrddyn Phillips and Rob Woodall and no doubt many others, for their painstaking endeavours.

Data must be compiled and in this regard the authors are indebted to Alan Dawson and Rob Woodall for their Excel workbooks on general data and identification of Prominence Parents.

Some 83% of the Prominent Peaks appear in Chris Crocker and Graham Jackson’s Database of British Hills. This data has been used for grid references and summit heights. Tony Hartry supplied 1:25 000 OS map numbers.

Simon Edwardes’ hill-bagging website was a source of inspiration and Tony Wright of Saska Systems produced Latitude/Longtitude conversions together with the files to drive the Google Map overlay.

Thanks to Michael Dewey for permission to quote his narrative on the History of Mountain Tables, to Pete Black, Tim Bloomer, Cate Davies and David Kime for photographs and to Carl Emery and Liz Bloomer for general advice and proof reading.

Special thanks are due to Phil Hall, UKMA webmaster, who successfully implemented the Prominent Peaks website based on ideas from Jim and Roddy.


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Wikipedia list of peaks by prominence
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