Welcome to this website, a new resource for those who love the upland areas of the UK and want to climb some of the best peaks. Experience wild places, appreciate the wildlife and enjoy the achievement of reaching the UK’s significant summits. The website is one central place where you can access information on the UK’s peaks, linking to maps and satellite views.

A new look at mountains and hills

This website involves a re-ordering of the mountains and hills in the UK, using new principles. These principles are main aspects when it concerns environmental essay topics https://essaystore.net/environmental-essays-topics/ Peaks are classified by both height and prominence, which picks out the most significant peaks regardless of location or landscape. A benefit is that most listed peaks should have good unobstructed views and be quite distinct from their neighbours.
This enables you to plan your walks and track progress against any challenge you choose. Scafell Pike Database illustration All these peaks are in a free downloadable database.

Tailor your own challenge

Lake district map Jim Bloomer

Bloomer's challenge

You may find that existing hill lists are not sufficiently comprehensive to best meet your hill walking needs. The database preselects the most prominent peaks and is an excellent starting point for anybody who wants to tailor their own challenge. This could be the hills nearest home, a holiday in the Lake District or a big one like all 577 P200 peaks. The database is a tool to help you create the challenge and track your progress. If you are not keen to create your own bespoke challenge then this website offers a brand new one. The creator of the UK Prominent Peaks database, Jim Bloomer, proposes a challenge that differs significantly from all previous hillwalking lists. This challenge covers the whole UK, is based on consistent prominence and height criteria and works very well with metric OS maps. ‘Bloomer’s Challenge’ picks out the hills with prominence of 500 metres or more. These distinctive peaks are the dominant peaks in their area. The 158 peaks cover all the major upland areas of the UK.